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Honeycomb Chrome theme makes your browser sweeter

February 3, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



Me want Honey-Chrome? Android team-member Roman Nurik has decided that people who “Can’t get enough Honeycomb for the day” can overdose on a new Chrome theme that takes cues from Google’s new UI (it’s inspired, not replicated).

Nurik, a graphic designer and Android Developer Advocate, may be familiar to you if you already use the Android-inspired Chrome theme. But if you didn’t like the gray, green, and white color scheme of the older design, you can opt for the new Honeycomb-inspired theme with blue and white.

Anyone using a version of the Google Chrome browser that supports themes should be able to download the Honeycomb Chrome theme by clicking this link. Then click the “Install” button towards the right side of the screen and wait a few moments for your browser window to be transformed.

via Roman Nurik