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Google releases Androidify that lets us create our own custom Androids

February 14, 2011 | by Lars Aronsson

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Androidify is a new app in the Market developed by Google Creative Lab in collaboration with Larva Labs - the company behind popular puzzle game Retro Defense. The app lets us build our own custom Androids: you can change your Android’s physique, give it different hairstyles and even beards, as well as dress it with shirts, pants and accessories.

Androidify may sound a bit silly, but it sort of has the same appeal as playing dress up, or The Sims, and I see some practical uses for the app as well. Tech bloggers covering Android could definitely use Androidify to spice up posts, for example. Making this app was a smart idea by Google, since the Android logo in all shapes and sizes is bound to appear a lot more due to Androidify.

Once you’ve created an Android, you can share your bot through Android’s Share with menu or save it to the SD card. The Androids you build can also be saved to a section of the app that’s called My Androids, which showcases your Android designs. I ended up playing with the app for 30 minutes when I tried it, so I think it’s pretty fun, actually. Google’s Androidify promo video is embedded below.

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