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Fanboy/girl alert: new Android mini-collectibles design teasers from DYZPlastic

February 9, 2011 | by Chris Smith



You are only a true Android fanboy if you have at least one Android plastic figurine sitting on your desk. If you haven’t heard about or seen the Android mini-collectibles that DYZPlastic came out with last year, then you aren’t following Android close enough, friends. Anyways, it looks like DYZPlastic is about to put out some new little Android guy designs for the masses.

The Android mini-collectibles Series 2 will feature all new designs including the designs showed off in the teaser images below. DYZPlastic have given only four of their collectibles a 2/16 ratio, meaning that you will end up getting around 12 unique designs per box rather than 10 like in Series 1. Pretty good odds for all those geeky collector types out there.

As far as we know the new series will be hitting in March. Get your money ready to ensure you get all the different designs and to prove to everyone around you that you are most fly Android fanboy/fangirl in existence.

Via [DYZPlastic]