Dell Streak 5 gets a rough port of Honeycomb

February 8, 2011 | by Chris Smith

Android Hacks


There were a lot of jokes about just how big the Dell Streak was when first announced, mostly because it was a phone. Well, with a newly ported version of Honeycomb to the Streak 5 it looks like we now how have a mini-tablet rather than the over-sized phone we all loved to hate. Semantics, I know.

Last week we saw the first port of the Honeycomb SDK preview to the Nook and now the Dell Streak 5 gets a taste. Stephen Hyde over at Modaco has managed to port Honeycomb to the Steak, although it is a bit rough. The greatest part about this is that once the port is stable and maybe even optimized, Honeycomb could breath new life into the confused form-factor of the Streak.

The build is quite slow, buggy, and isn’t without its fair share of system reboots, but the idea that it could eventually work well on the Streak makes the sting of a device that may be left behind with older versions of Android not so bad. That is if you are the hacker type that isn’t afraid to root and install ROMs.

Via [AndroidSPIN]