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Dell roadmaps show 4 Honeycomb tablets and 2 Ice Cream phones

February 17, 2011 | by Michael Heller

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A leaked Dell device roadmap is showing that a Honeycomb future isn’t too far off. The Dell roadmap has their first Honeycomb tablet, the Dell Gallo, slated for April. Following that will be the Dell Sterling in October, and the Opus One and Silver Oak tablets coming in October. There are no specs given on any of these tablets, nor any indication if the names are codenames or not, but I hope that at least “Gallo” is a codename. I can handle the other names, but that name brings back bad memories of Vincent Gallo and “The Brown Bunny”. Also on the tablet roadmap is a “Handwriting” upgrade for the Dell Streak, landing in July, and the same upgrade for the Gallo in October.

On the smartphone side of things, Dell has 2 phones listed: the Hancock and the Millenium. Both phones look to be packing similar specs. The Hancock is listed with a dual-core processor, 4″ qHD display, 8 MP rear camera, 1.3 MP front camera, and “1080p”, but no indication if that is output or recording capability. The Hancock also looks to feature a slide-out keyboard. The Millenium has similar specs, but with a 4.3″ qHD display, DLNA support and no physical keyboard. The interesting thing is that both are listed as running “Ice Cream” as the OS. The Hancock is listed for late August, and the Millenium for October, so if the listing is right, that would confirm the “Ice Cream launching in summer” rumor that’s been floating around.

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