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Cooliris Liveshare brings group photo-sharing to Android and the cloud [Video demo]

February 15, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Cooliris made the Android photo gallery app that you know and love, and those amazing folks are taking their talents to the cloud with the new LiveShare app and photo-sharing service. LiveShare, available for Android 1.6+, iPhone, and Windows Phone 7 users, makes it easy to create groups for the purposes of sharing photos taken with your mobile phones or digital cameras.

Liveshare allows users to upload photos to a stream, which can act as a private or public housing area for people who attend a social function. So rather than have to hunt down the photos taken at a wedding and uploaded to everyone’s private Facebook account, Liveshare pools the photos into one location that everyone who contributes – or who has been granted permission – can view the photos from the wedding, bachelor party, and divorce proceedings that are sure to come once those bachelor party photos become public (kidding, of course).

Android users are able to share directly from their Gallery app or recently-taken camera photos. Here’s a quick demonstration provided by the Cooliris folks presenting at the Android area of Mobile World Congress.