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Bittorent releases uTorrent Android app

February 4, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



Torrents are currently under attack from copyright holders and enforcers for obvious reasons, but for the folks out there using torrents for completely-legal and totally non-stealing, please get off my back RIAA purposes, there’s a new app to control your downloads and sharing.

Bittorent today released an alpha of its official uTorrent Remote application. Still being fine-tuned and tested, this app allows users to remotely control their uTorrent desktop application. uTorrent can start, pause, or stop downloads, or simply keep a watchful eye on download progress. It can even add torrents found online, which makes this more than just a remote control.

uTorrent features seeding settings, feeds, and labels, for extra control. Android 2.1 is required to use this application, so run over to the Market and install if you’d like to have more control over your downloads without having to be in front of a computer. Expect more updates and improvements to come since this is just an alpha.

Thanks, Angela!