AT&T offering unlimited calling to any mobile number

February 9, 2011 | by Michael Heller



In what seems to be another move to try to hold on to iPhone customers running away to the red shores of Verizon, AT&T will be offering unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling to any mobile number, regardless of carrier. But, who really cares about iPhone customers? This is some pretty good news for those of us waiting patiently for the Motorola Atrix.

AT&T will begin offering the option tomorrow, but as always there are caveats. In order to get the deal, you must also subscribe to unlimited messaging ($20 for individual plans and $30 for FamilyTalk plans) and have a “qualifying voice plan.” AT&T spokesperson Seth Bloom told Ars Technica that the qualifying voice plans would include Nation 450 and 900, or FamilyTalk 700 or higher.

Being forced to subscribe to unlimited messaging would be the deal-breaker for me, because I use Google Voice for all texting, but it may not be such a bad thing for those of you on FamilyTalk plans. Overall, it’s a pretty nice addition, because if you combine unlimited calling to all mobile phones with AT&T’s Rollover plan, you may never hit your minute cap no matter what plan you’re on.

[AT&T] via Ars Technica