Andy-83 gives Android a TI-inspired graphing calculator [App Reviews]

February 10, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Texas Instruments graphing calculators can be spotted in high-school math classes across the nation. Can a scientific calculator Android app become as ubiquitous?

A series of Android apps that emulate the classic Ti-83, 85, and, 86 scientific calculators are available in the Android Market. Each of these applications provide complex computing options not available in the standard Calculator app that ships with Android. Users can plot numbers along a graph, multiply to the nth power, or solve for ‘x’ without having to do most of the work manually. It’s like being back in Algebra or Calculus all over again, only you wont have to spend so much money to use this particular calculator; the Andy-8x apps are free.

Math was never much help to my GPA or school marks, so forgive me if I’m unable to provide much insight into the strength of these applications when compared to the genuine article. However, these are much cheaper and will get the job done in a pinch. The only problem i find is that buttons are rather small, even on a large screen like an HTC EVO, so users must be accurate when tapping virtual keys to solve equations.

The Andy-83, 85, and 86 calculators are good emulators that may prove of use to people who cannot get to a graphing calculator. It can also be a good backup for days when you forget the real thing. Download whichever calculator you wish to emulate.


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