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AirAttack HD is a great top down air combat shooter – and it’s free

February 22, 2011 | by Lars Aronsson

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AirAttack HD Lite

Fans of classic top down air combat shoot ‘em up games such as 1942 will likely love a new title in the Android Market called AirAttack HD Lite. Despite the “lite” label, there is currently no full version of the game, but the free release has plenty of features.

AirAttack HD has apparently generated more than one million downloads on iOS, and the Lite version for Android includes two missions, 16 types of enemies and two different planes. Overall, the game feels very professional and polished with slick 3D animations, lighting effects and lush orchestral music.

The bridges and buildings in the game are destructible, and the Lite edition features two major bosses to defeat. The on-screen controls are of course hugely important in any touchscreen game, and Art in Games, the company behind AirAttack HD, has done a great job with them since the plane was very easy to maneuver. And if you don’t like the default controls, you can choose between four other layouts.

AirAttack HD Lite is available for free in the Market. Hit the Market’s install button and you’ll be annihilating enemies in no time.

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