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adidas miCoach for Android is a runner’s dream [Video hands-on]

February 16, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Adidas miCoach is an awesome application that motivates runners, plays music, and helps active personalities monitor their performance. Sadly, it’s been available only on the iPhone since it debuted on Android several months ago. That will all change soon now that Adidas miCoach is coming to Android in April.

A couple of folks from Adidas are on-site at Mobile World Congress and they gave me a hands-on demo of the upcoming app. I do my running on a treadmill these days, but anyone who likes to move outdoors will love this application. Not only will the app provide audio notifications about distance/time traveled, it offers online stat tracking and feedback to keep you dedicated and focused.

MiCoach also has workout history and achievements that can be viewed online, a detailed report of each workout that illustrates how fast or slow someone moves, and even a locker to help track which sneakers you wear during each workout. The online tracking system looks like one of the best that I’ve seen on Android, and will give SportyPal, RunKeeper, and the like some major competition.

Be on the lookout for Adidas miCoach to land in the Android Market in late April. For now, take a look at this hands-on demo.