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Xoom Super Bowl teaser targets geeks

January 31, 2011 | by Michael Heller


Xoom Super Bowl ad

UPDATE: Motorola PR just contacted us to say that this is just a teaser to build up hype. The official ad that will air during the Super Bowl will be different.

Below is the original article as published.


As everyone knows geeks and football go hand in hand. With that thought in mind, Motorola has not only bought some ad space during the Super Bowl, but they’ve crafted an ad that will probably come across as gibberish to at least 75% of the Superbowl audience.

I’m not saying that no one who watches football understands technology, but I think this ad goes a bit too far. The ad never shows the Xoom tablet. Actually, it never even says that it’s a promotion for a tablet at all, and the only way to tell that it’s an ad for the Xoom is either the small tag at the very end, or if you already know that the Xoom is coming. The ad makes references to Apple, but not directly, and certainly no mention of the iPad. The signature white headphones on the earth are the only outward link to Apple, unless you are enough of a geek to know the history of the 1984 commercial, and the comments of Vic Gondotra at last year’s Google I/O.

This seems like a commercial targeted at geeks, and set to play in front of the biggest audience in TV. I think that’s a pretty bad idea. Compare this strategy to the ads you’re likely to see from Apple – mass appeal covered in sugar. I think Android already has a pretty good grasp on the power-user/geek crowd. Maybe it’s time to target everyone else a bit more.