VEVO releases Android app for watching music videos [App Reviews]

January 12, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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When’s the last time MTV played a music video? Exactly. Popular website has become one of the primary destinations for watching videos for the latest hits, and the app is now available for Android users.

VEVO has just released the official app for watching content broadcast on its website. As seen on the desktop, videos are pre-empted by a short advertisement. Then you’ll be able to turn an Android device into your own personal jukebox and watch standard or high quality Android videos. A listing of related videos and info, when available, appears when playback finishes. There are also options to purchase a song from Amazon.

Practically every modern recording artist, from Katy Perry to Lil’ Wayne, is available on VEVO. The app features charts showing the most popular and newest artists, as well as a slideshow of featured videos, playlists for artists, and a search function (which happens to not find anything for which I search).

People who still like to have a visual presentation synchronized with the latest hits may be disappointed to discover that VEVO for Android has a couple of major annoyances. The app doesn’t seem to remember user preference for High Quality streams, which is disappointing considering that the standard stream is so distorted or pixelated that there’s really no point in watching anything but HQ video. Several videos I tested do not sync properly, so the artist’s lips are moving at least a second or two ahead of the audio. It’s like watching those old kung fu flicks, except with more bass and fast cuts.

VEVO may be worth downloading if you are consumed by discovering treatments for today’s most popular music, but the problems with the app makes using it questionable. It may be easier and more enjoyable to just search VEVO’s many channels through the standard Android YouTube app.

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