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Verizon’s Galaxy Tab to get a spec bump with LTE, better camera

January 6, 2011 | by Chris Smith



With the Galaxy Tab only being on carrier’s shelves for a couple of months now, not too many expected the device to be iterated. But it looks like Verizon is getting the “most powerful” of all the Galaxy Tabs with an upgraded LTE version.

The new Verizon Galaxy Tab will have the new LTE chip included to enable the newest 4G technology on the device. This will make the Tab even faster than it is today. Also, the Tab will receive a 200MHz bump on the Hummingbird processor effectively making it 1.2GHz. And last but not least the rear camera will be upgraded to 5MP instead of the current 3MP. One thing that is still missing is any word about the Tab getting Honeycomb in the future, but if Google sticks to their guns with the whole dual-core only mantra, the Tab may never see 3.0.

There is yet to be any word on the pricing and the release date of the new version, but expect many Galaxy Tab early adopters to get a little PO’d. But hey, it’s all about the latest greatest and when you adopt a new product/technology it just comes with the territory.

Via [Engadget]