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Todo.txt Touch comes to Android, become a geeky GTD nut instantly

January 19, 2011 | by Chris Smith



I’m all about todo lists. Just ask Andrew. I’m also all about geeky open-source goodness. Gina Trapani (founder of Lifehacker) has had a nice shell script,, in the works for awhile now with a pretty good adoption. The script allows users to interact with, add, delete, prioritize, etc. a todo.txt file with command line via a shell. Today Gina has announced that her first Android app, Todo.txt Touch, allows you to interface with your todo.txt file via Dropbox.

Basically the app is an interface to a flat text file on your Dropbox account. This allows you to be in control of your data and not have to rely on some third party web app maker to store your data in a sometimes “proprietary” format. I have to say that todo list webapps like Toodledo or Remember The Milk do a good job of giving you access to your data, but if you want something that is extremely portable and usuable, a flat todo.txt file is the way to go.

The Android app is in beta right now and isn’t even in the app store. You can download it and install it from Github right now though if you want to get your geek on. The app is good, the interface is simple, and the performance is decent. Adding and deleting tasks seems very slow though, hopefully this will be cleaned up in the near future.

If you rock the shell and have a todo.txt file you use, or even know what that means, you should give Todo.txt Touch a look.

Via [Lifehacker]

Download [Github]