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T-Mobile and LG Tease G-Slate

January 5, 2011 | by Michael Heller

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t mobile g-slate

The video is labeled as “First Look: T-Mobile G-Slate with Google by LG”. The trouble is that it’s not a “first look” of the G-Slate. It’s just the Honeycomb video that we’ve already seen with Tron lightbikes racing around the edges. The video claims “innovative hardware & stylish design”, but unless the actual tablet is made of solid light beams, it’s just marketing at this point. Also, there are no hardware specs to report aside from the tablet being HSPA+ compatible.

The tweet announcing the tablet does claim that this is the “First 4G tablet w/ Android 3.0 Honeycomb,” which would imply that it will be released between the Motorola Xoom launch in Q1 and the Xoom LTE update in Q2.

Some sites are claiming that this is a tablet which is being designed in tandem with LG and Google, but I think that’s a fairly liberal interpretation of the phrase “with Google”. I’m leaning more towards “with Google” simply being a statement that this is an Android device, but as usual, time will tell on that front.

Here’s the video, but as I said, there’s not much to it aside from the Honeycomb preview.