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Spy photos of HTC’s next Android flagship phone

January 27, 2011 | by Lars Aronsson



Photos of what is said to be the next Android flagship phone from HTC have appeared, thanks to a quick and attentive tipster in Taipei, Taiwan, who caught it on camera in the city’s metro system.

You can tell that the device in the pictures is a prototype by the stamped serial number below the screen. It looks a lot like the original HTC Desire, and it matches the leaked render Pocketnow published about a week ago.

Considering that the HTC Desire was just about the most powerful phone you could get when it was announced at last year’s MWC, HTC needs to bring some serious hardware power if the company wants to keep up. When anything less than 768MB of RAM, a dual-core processor and a 4-inch touchscreen would be a disappointment for a current high-end Android, you know that it won’t be long until our mobile devices have the same processing power as our desktop computers.

We’ll surely get all the details about HTC’s next flagship Android at Mobile World Congress in three weeks. What hardware specs do you hope to see?

Via [Engadget]