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Sony PlayStation Phone announcement next month according to Bloomberg

January 19, 2011 | by Michael Heller

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Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone

Anyone who has followed Sony for a little while knows that they are notoriously bad at keeping secrets, but they are also extremely tight-lipped about those “rumors” until they feel it is time to talk about it. The PS3 Slim was known to exist for months before Sony would officially comment on it. The PSP2 has been seen a number of times, and Sony has still yet to acknowledge it. We’ve seen myriad videos and pictures and specs on the coming PlayStation Phone, but as always, Sony refuses “to comment on rumors”. It looks like the time is almost here, though. Bloomberg is reporting that sources “with knowledge of the plans” are saying that the PSP2 will be unveiled on January 27th (something that has been expected for weeks), but the sources are also confirming that the PlayStation Phone will be unveiled next month.

Still no official word from Sony, and no word on when the phone would make it to store shelves, but maybe we’ll finally get some hard facts about Sony’s plan for the Xperia Play.