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Sony launching PlayStation gaming store for Android

January 27, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

Android News


Sony has announced that it will bring “PlayStation quality” games to Android devices this year. In its PlayStation Suite, Sony will work with phone makers to certify phones that are authorized to run both PS One games and new games created by developers that increase the level of mobile gaming.

The PlayStation Store will be a point of distribution for customers looking for new titles. Sony will announce which PS One titles will be added to its store, but the company uses the word “classics” in its announcement, so count on the best-selling and most-talked-about games to make it to the refresh list. The company will probably want to focus on only the best games to stand alongside a newer generation of mobile games it expects to encourage.

Android 2.3 will be required for this new gaming initiative. While users can already run PSOne games through the PSX emulator in the Android Market, this will be the only officially-supported and tested way to play some of your favorite games from the first PlayStation era (you may also want to backup PSX4Droid if you’re a customer because I can see a copyright claim from Sony coming right around the corner).

Expect more information at next month’s Mobile World Congress.