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Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone will support close to unlimited multitouch points

January 17, 2011 | by Lars Aronsson

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Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone

Sony Ericsson’s Android phones so far have primarily taken heat for three things: the custom blueish UI, the lack of OS updates, and not least the lack of multi-touch. Some believe that multi-touch is overrated, and I agree to some extent, but try to play a first-person-shooter with a touchscreen without multi-touch — it can’t be done. There are numerous ways of interacting with a phone that all require the screen to recognize simultaneous touches, and I wouldn’t buy a phone that doesn’t support it.

Sony Ericsson has promised to deliver some sort of multi-touch to the X10-series this spring, and the company has also said that it will get better at keeping its Android devices up-to-date in 2011. Now, SE seems to want to redeem itself even further by letting its upcoming PlayStation Phone, the Xperia Play, have a nearly unlimited number of multi-touch points. At least according to a teardown of the device a Chinese site called TGBUS recently performed.

Thanks to a Cypress TrueTouch-digitizer that supports up to 32 X/Y sensor inputs, the PlayStation Phone will feature an “All-Points Touchscreen Solution with unlimited touches.” That will ensure that the screen, at least, won’t stand in the way of awesome mobile gaming.

On a side note, some sites have reported that it’s the Xperia Arc that will feature the Cypress TrueTouch-digitizer – it just might, but the source never mentions it. Some of the TrueTouch highlights:

Multi-Touch All-Point TrueTouch™ projected capacitive touchscreen controllers (CY8CTMAxxx) support Single-Touch and Multi-Touch All-Point (simultaneously interpreting any number of independent points on the screen) touchscreen applications with up to 32 X/Y sensor inputs and screen sizes 5.4 and below. They allow functions such as keyboard implementations, inputting multiple locations into a GPS, playing video games on a mobile handset, and making multiple adjustments to sound and/or video settings on a PMP.

> Multi-Touch All-Points Touchscreen Solution with unlimited touches
> TrueTouch™ family’s newest product delivering unparalleled performance
> Critically acclaimed by many large OEM customers
> Ability to track movement of individual fingers
> Best-in-class average power consumption, scan time, refresh rate and accuracy
> Provides the most flexible user-interface design solution

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