Songbird: The latest Android music player hits beta [Video Preview]

January 24, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

Android App Reviews, Entertainment


Companies that make desktop media players are increasingly jumping into the Android race. doubleTwist was first, but RealPlayer and WinAmp joined the fray last year. The latest app to go from desktop to mobile is Songbird, which has just released an Android beta app for its open source audio player.

Songbird is Android 2.1+ player that continues the desktop app’s stellar design. It relies on a purple-based theme, smooth edges, and a great organization for browsing the media library. Users can browse Albums, Artists, Songs, Genres, or Playlists; Songbird even allows users to browse only albums, artists, or songs within a specific genre. Back, forward, and play buttons are also readily accessible from the bottom of the screen or a built-in homescreen widget.

A unique feature of Songbird for Android is that the app can integrate with Facebook. While listening to a song you love, tap the Facebook button and it will post a like for the artist and song title to your profile. There’s also a flickr “Photostream” button that will show images of the artist, which is far from Earth-moving but an interesting feature. After all, the desktop version of Songbird is loved by many for its ability to extend and enhance features through plug-ins, which is a trend that Songbird plans to deliver in time. For now, they are focused on delivering a stable listening experience likely to debut in the Android Market in 4 weeks.

Below is a quick video tour of Songbird for Android (beta). Visit the Songbird page to download the app for yourself, view known issues with the HTC Incredible and other phones, or provide feedback.