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Samsung Vibrant Plus adds faster speeds, front-facing camera

January 12, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka


samsung vibrant

While plenty of people are still waiting to decide which next generation Android phone they’ll purchase, T-Mobile thinks a refresh of something seen in the last batch may still be enticing.

The Samsung Vibrant Plus is reportedly heading to T-Mobile USA soon. As the name clearly implies, the phone is an updated version of T-Mobile’s Galaxy phone, only this version packs 4G speeds and a few other features sure to please. According to a leaked spec sheet, the Vibrant Plus will be the “fastest device on T-Mobile’s network” because it will be able to support the theoretical max of 21 Mbps downloads, while all other phones currently on the network’s roster max out at 14 Mbps.

Other upgrades include a front-facing camera with Qik video chat supported and Android 2.2 packed into the familiar d and still amazing specs of 4″ SuperAMOLED touchscreens and 1 GHz Hummingbird processor.

Samsung and T-Mobile may have a tough time selling this phone to power users based on the horrible track record of updating phones to the latest software. However, it will still be appealing to regular consumers. Expect to see a large media campaign to advertise the phone.

via TMONews