Rohan Shravan steals joy from every tech journalist and does the first Notion Ink Adam unboxing

January 21, 2011 | by Michael Heller

Notion Ink

notion ink adam box stand

One of the best moments of pure joy for any tech nerd, journalist or not, is the unboxing of a new product, especially one that very few other people have gotten their hands on. I’ve only been able to do one zero-day unboxing in my time (the Cr48 Chome Notebook), and it was definitely like being 6 years old on Christmas day and seeing that NES under the tree. Well, Rohan Shravan has taken? away the joy of being able to yell “First!” for the Notion Ink Adam unboxing.

He’s posted a bunch of pictures on his blog from opening the shipping box to updating the Adam software. The packaging looks quite nice, and the Adam box even comes with a built-in stand, which looks very useful if you don’t mind having half a cardboard box on your desk instead of a proper docking station.

Here’s a few pics, there are a bunch more on the Notion Ink blog.

[Notion Ink]