Notion Ink Adam to start shipping Wednesday, new round of pre-ordering to come

January 15, 2011 | by Michael Heller

Notion Ink

Notion Ink Adam

The time has come for Notion Ink to put up or shut up. They impressed the big boys at CES again this year with their Adam tablet, and if the newest blog post from Rohan Shravan is correct, Notion Ink will soon be one of the first Android tablets on market running a Tegra 2 processor. The newest blog post says that the Adam has passed through FCC testing, and as Rohan says. “This means that we start printing on Monday and start shipping around Wednesday!”

So, those of you who pre-ordered an Adam should be receiving it soon. And, for those who didn’t get in on the first pre-order for whatever reason, Rohan has also said that there will be a second round of pre-ordering to begin when deliveries are made to the US and Europe, which as he says should be “just a few days away”.

I have been both excited and skeptical about the Adam, but things are certainly looking up. I still want to know more about the future Honeycomb update before putting in my order, but how many of you are going to jump in on pre-order round 2?

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