Notion Ink Adam metareviews, and Eden UI ported to Viewsonic G tablet

January 25, 2011 | by Michael Heller

Notion Ink

eden ui viewsonic

A couple of really interesting developments in the early days for the Notion Ink Adam, both coming from CruchGear. First, CrunchGear posted a metareview with snippets from early adopters. The general consensus on the tablet is that the software is great, and the hardware is well built, but the screen doesn’t live up to the hype. There are a number of users giving issues with touch sensitivity as well as washed out colors and clarity on the screens, though the users don’t always say if they have a Pixel Qi screen or plain LCD, but it does sound like the complaints are focused more at the Pixel Qi.

In better news, Notion Ink’s highly touted Eden UI has already been ported for use on the Viewsonic G tablet. This is more of a proof-of-concept by our favorite guys from XDA, and a lot of features don’t work yet, but it does show promise that Eden’s cool paneling system may become unofficially available on other devices.

[CrunchGear Metareview & Eden UI port]