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Nexus S heading to Canada… and AT&T

January 27, 2011 | by Michael Heller

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Nexus S AT&T

It looks as though history is repeating itself, and with good cause. The Nexus One was originally T-Mobile only, but when a new model was manufactured for use on Canadian telcoms, it also made its way to AT&T. The Nexus S seems to be on the same path based on a new Bluetooth SIG product listing.

The product listing is for a device labeled the Samsung GT-i9020A. The T-Mobile Nexus S had the device ID GT-i9020T. Whether the T stands for T-Mobile, or the A stands for AT&T is fairly irrelevant though. It was recently reported that Canadian carriers Rogers, Telus, Bell and Mobilicity would be getting the Nexus S in March. A new SKU is needed because those carriers’ (except Mobilicity) 3G networks  operate on the 850 / 1900MHz WCDMA bands, which are the same as AT&T. So, this new model of Nexus S is most likely made for those companies in Canada.

Of course, if the model is already being manufactured for Canada, there’s no reason not to also sell it on AT&T. The bigger question is whether AT&T will offer a subsidized plan for the Nexus S. AT&T didn’t offer a subsidized plan for the Nexus One, but at that time, AT&T was still beholden to the iPhone. Now that AT&T has clearly made a big commitment to Android, it will be interesting to see if they support the Nexus S as well.

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