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Netflix removing “Add to DVD Queue” option from streaming apps

January 18, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

Google TV


Netflix was the second most disappointing app when I first connected my Google TV, but I was eventually pleased to see an update that completely refreshed the user interface of the Netflix for GTV app. Sadly, the company is set to send-out another update that will make me hate the app all over again.

The official Netflix blog announced that all streaming apps will remove the ability to add to DVD queues from the app. The (nonsensical) reason for this is because Netflix thinks managing DVD queues anywhere other than is too complicated and distracts from the streaming experience. So instead of pressing two buttons for a simple way to add items to your watch list, it will be easier to spend 15 minutes going to a computer, searching, and adding to the list there.

Is Netflix taking this course because the current set-up remind customers just how limited the streaming service can be? I recently discovered a quirky British comedy named The IT Crowd that I loved and attempted to watch in its entirety. But for some strange reason, I had to skip a season because it’s available on DVD only. Rather than pressing one button to add it to my queue like I did this Sunday, I have to go to my computer to search for and manage it. This is more annoying than the 2-4 day wait period it takes for the DVD to arrive at my house. (edit: or exit the Netflix app, go into Chrome, and then return to Netflix.)

Netflix has been the brightest star in my Google TV galaxy and I hope the company recognizes that this is a bad move. More than 300 comments have been left on the blog post announcing this change. Let you’re opposition or support for this move be known on the Netflix blog.