Motorola Xoom pricing and release date?

January 23, 2011 | by Michael Heller

Motorola Tablets, Verizon

Motorola Xoom

Some good info about the Motorola Xoom tablet that we hadn’t seen before has been coming out the past couple days, but can we believe it?

First, a Verizon leak put the Minimum Advertized Pricing at $799.99 on the Xoom.

Given that the other prices on that list look like subsidized pricing, it seems safe to assume the same for the Xoom. This seems pretty steep, even for a smokin’ hot new Tegra 2 beast. Although, since the equivalent iPad clocks in at $729 (equivalent is a loose term here,) I suppose the premium could be justified. But, I’m sure this price is going to depend on what the iPad 2 comes with. It’s a given that the iPad 2 will include a front facing camera, but if it also includes 4G and a dual-core processor and keeps the same pricing structure, I’d expect the Xoom price to come down to match. Because, keep in mind that the MAP is just what it says – it’s the lowest price stores can advertise?, but they can still sell the device at any price they choose.

I do hope that other Android tablet makers will be offering more options, like WiFi only, to reduce the price and increase competition.

The next leak came from a Best Buy internal document, which puts the release date of the Xoom at February 17th.

This one I find harder to believe, mostly because of the state of Honeycomb. As yet, we’ve seen very minimal real world use demos of Honeycomb. Everything at CES was just the same old video. This date feels like something put in place to take thunder from the upcoming iPad 2 announcement, which we all know is coming. So, I certainly hope Honeycomb is done and polished if this date is to be believed.

[Engadget on launch date] and [Android Central on pricing]