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Match made in heaven, Shazam and Spotify to help you identify and stream new music

January 13, 2011 | by Chris Smith

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Spoiler alert; this won’t be available yet in the US folks. It was inevitable that something like what Shazam and Spotify have teamed up to do was going to happen, it’s just a shame that I didn’t think of it first. That’s why we have the smart folks at Shazam and Spotify though announcing their plans to partner up to allow users to identify music with Shazam and the instantly stream it with Spotify.

Shazam says that later this quarter the functionality will be coming to both iOS and Android in an update to their extremely popular music “identifier” app. And for those who don’t know Spotify, it’s an unlimited music streaming service much like Rdio, Rhapsody, or MOG, but according to most users, much better. Spotify is available in the UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland, France, Spain and the Netherlands as of now.

I like it when we see developers and innovative companies partner up, especially when something makes so much sense. This will obviously be a huge benefit to users. Now lets just see Spotify hit the US, or at least have Shazam recognize other streaming apps and give them the same functionality.

Via [Mobile Burn]