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Kongregate Arcade adds hundreds of Flash games into one Android app

January 18, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Kongregate is known for offering several Flash-based games online for free, and now many of those games are available for phones with Android 2.2 and Flash installed.

The new Kongregate Arcade app is available for free in the Android Market. With it comes over 300 games and promises of many more to follow each week. Users can play Asteroids clones, puzzle games, adventure games, and much more. Categories include: Action, Adventure & RPG, Multiplayer, Music, Puzzle, Shooter, Sports, and Strategy.

Much like the desktop version of the site, Kongregate features badges for achievements and user-submitted reviews, ratings, and comments. It’s all-encompassing and very simple. Some games even support offline play. Download now if you have a device capable of running Adobe Flash and Android 2.2.


Google removed Kongregate from the Android Market. That’s why people have been unable to locate it. Download the APK file directly from Kongregate and install it manually. [Download]