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Is the Android Market for Google TV launching soon?

January 21, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

Google TV


The Android Market may debut on Google TV in the coming months, based on a change to the Android Developer Console noticed by developer Al Sutton.

For his Expenses app, Sutton noticed that the .apk now searches for “android.hardware.touchscreen” as a filtering method (the Android Market allows developers to block their app from being visible to devices lacking a feature). Considering that all Android devices with the Market currently have a touchscreen, it could be that the Android Market is coming to the one device without a touchscreen: Google TV.

When he debuted Google TV at I/O 2010, product lead Rishi Chandra said that the Android Market would debut on Google TV in early 2011. This is the first sign that the Market could arrive on LogitecRevue boxes and Sony Internet TV’s soon. This could do wonders for the lackluster reviews that Google TV has earned, and detract from the negative press associated with networks refusing to broadcast their online content.

The filtering feature would also help clean-up the Android Market and feature only the apps that are suitable for Google TV. There’s not sense in showing the tens of thousands of apps in the Market if only a few hundred will be compatible. We may also see developers get other options that will designate their app’s suitability for GTV.

@AlSutton via AndroidGuys