Gun Bros kicks biofreak butt [Video Game Reviews]

January 10, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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We all know that stories typically don’t end well when they have that “in a world…” feel, but Gun Bros is one tale that manages to keep attention. While a little weak and intentionally silly, the story sets-up the redeeming qualities of a great beta shooting game that’s both fun and expansive.

Gun Bros is an Android game that pairs two super soldiers and tasks them with defeating waves of bio-engineered fighters controlled by T.O.O.L. It’s LIKE a tower defense game that’s really a tower attack game since players are the target. That means players must be aggressive and nimble so they aren’t overrun by the opposition.

Glu has released gun bros as a beta app, so some features are currently lacking or need to be improved. Older phones will struggle to run the game smoothly, it will occasionally freeze for a second or two, and movement or shooting accuracy may be an issue depending on your screen’s responsiveness. But multiplayer modes and more efficient paths to upgrades are on the horizon, so expect to see a stronger game eventually. In the meantime, there are plenty of biofeaks to shoot while you wait.

Here’s a quick look at gameplay.

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