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Google Voice porting of existing numbers now open

January 25, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



Google Voice users can once again port their current phone numbers to GV. The porting option went live last week but was visible only to a limited number of people. Now, anyone with access to a Voice account should be able to log-in and port their existing phone number from a U.S. carrier to Google.

Relocating a phone number to Google Voice can be done through the Settings menu of the online console. Click Phones > Change/Port to begin the process. Before taking the plunge, realize that porting a number to Google Voice will terminate your contract with your carrier and may expose you to early termination fees and the suspension of your phone. Only port the number if you can do without phone service for a couple of days as you work on getting a new line open. There is a $20 fee associated with porting to Google.

As I stated last week, I’m very excited about bringing my number to GV. I wanted to port my number back in 2009 when I first signed-up for an account but the feature was not yet an option. I plan to make the switch the next time I upgrade phones (most likely in a few months). New Google Voice users will not be able to port an existing number for a few more weeks, but all current members can log-in and change at any time.