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“Forking” be damned, crude smartphone support found in Android 3.0 Honeycomb emulator

January 28, 2011 | by Chris Smith

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If you were worried about what Android version your device was going to get after Gingerbread 2.3 and believed the hype that Android 3.0 was for dual-core, tablets only, it looks like there is some evidence to the contrary. Engadget and others are now reporting that after digging into the SDK preview of Honeycomb that was released a few days ago, that crude smartphone UI support may just be in there.

The Android SDK has an Android device emulator built in. The emulator allows developers to create different device emulators with different sizes and hardware controls like a full keyboard or trackpad. This allows them to test their applications on different sized screens and hardware configurations. When creating a new emulator with the Android 3.0 SDK tools, the default size is “tabletish” around 1280×768 WXGA. If you crank the resolution down to WVGA which is 800×480 resolution gives you a launcher like the one that ships with stock Android (albeit buggy). Engadget then replaced the stock launcher with LauncherPro and everything seemed to run smooth, that is for a tablet OS being tricked into a smartphone size.

The UI isn’t the best and actually lacks most of the Gingerbread dark styling but it’s makes us wonder if Android 3.0 will be available for smartphones too. Google and others have been vague on the distinction here, but as far as we know Honeycomb could very well be a “hybrid” OS like Apple’s iOS that is available on several different devices. If that ends up being the case, Google is making a very good decision.

Via [Engadget]