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Comcast to bring XFinity apps for streaming to Android tablets later this year

January 5, 2011 | by Chris Smith



Earlier today Comcast preceded their announcement with a press release of bringing 3,000+ hours of streaming movies, TV shows, and news content to tablet devices this year including the iPad and other Android tablets with the new Comcast Xfinity application. According to the press release, Xfinity app users will be able to stream their content anywhere there is a data connection, not just in their homes.

Many companies are trying to get in the game of streaming, mostly because of the success of companies like Netflix, and Comcast is no different. Not only will you be able to stream this content on your new Android tablet, but you can also watch it on online. According to Comcast’s CEO, Brian Roberts, “Comcast has a series of upcoming online enhancements and app releases that are part of a much larger effort to reinvent how customers interact with their entertainment on TV, online and on mobile devices.” Of course, all of this awesomeness is going to cost you by being a Comcast subscriber, but it does look like they are trying to move in the right direction.

There is no word on the cost of the new app or what type of plan you will have to have to take advantage of the service, but knowing Comcast it may be rather pricey and limited.