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Bitzer debuts secure MVL service for enterprise apps on Android

January 17, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



Rather than have employees use company-issued phones for work and a personal phone, companies will soon opt to provide access to corporate data on a user’s personal smartphone. But employing this method will require security and the separation of data offered through mobile virtualization.

Bitzer Mobile has released a demo of its service that shows how companies can provide access to enterprise apps on Android phones. The Bitzer Enterprise Virtualization App Container (EVC) links a native Android application with a web app. Users can access data pulled from web, edit it, use native features like camera or GPS, and then update the web data through sync. This can be used for contacts, expense reports, customer invoices, and several other data sets.

EVC is designed to help IT managers and employees have more productivity options through their mobile devices. It connects to Oracle ERP, Google Apps, SAP, and several other enterprise apps, but does it in a secure mobile virtualization layer. Data is transferred through the MVL and regulated by an Admin Control Panel in the event that access needs to be removed.

A demo of the Bitzer Mobile service is available in the Android Market right now, but more templates and customization options for IT professionals are on the way. Companies will have to pay $5,000 annually for up to 50 users to get the full EVC service, but discounts are available for people ordering a large number of licenses.

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