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Beautiful Widgets 3.3 released, lots of new features added

January 28, 2011 | by Lars Aronsson

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Beautiful Widgets

One of the most popular standalone widgets for Android is Beautiful Widgets: a very customizable clock and 5-day weather forecast app. A bunch of minor settings toggles are included in the package as well, but the widget’s main attractions are the clocks and the animated weather forecasts. Thanks to the large number of settings and support for user-generated themes, you can basically make the clock look any way you want to.

Beautiful Widgets is released by French developer LevelUp Studio that also has made the popular Twitter app Plume (formerly Touiteur). Now the company has just released a major update to its clock widget. The best addition in my opinion, are the new Super Clock widgets, as LevelUp likes to call them.

They’re a new kind of high-resolution clocks that are highly resizable and can feature multiple layouts. The Super Clocks can also show the current battery status instead of the weather. I have to say, they look great. The settings have received a nice and needed UI overhaul as well, and the optional live wallpaper has been completely rewritten using OpenGL.

If you haven’t bought Beautiful Widgets yet, now is a good time. It’s $2.04 in the Market.

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From the changelog:

- NEW: SuperClock widgets! We have designed a new kind of hi-res clock widgets that are more modular and have multiple layouts and is highly resizable without any quality loss.
- NEW: Live Wallpaper, totally rewritten using OpenGL, new effects, different type of grass, you can display a picture in the background
- NEW: High resolutions notification icons
- NEW: Gingerbread notifications icons
- NEW: Clock only layouts
- NEW: You can display the battery level instead of the weather