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AppsGeyser lets you easily convert any web content to an Android app

January 21, 2011 | by Lars Aronsson

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AppsGeyser Beta is a new online service that lets users quickly create an Android app based on all sorts of web content. Once you’ve created an application, you get it in the .apk format and you’ll be able to distribute it freely. If many people use it, you can even make a few bucks via the ads that apparently are displayed in the apps.

You’ll have the option to send pop-up notifications straight to your applications, and AppsGeyser provides real-time user statistics. I haven’t tried AppsGeyser Beta myself yet, so I can’t really say how good the service is, but I will definitely check it out.

Any fellow bloggers out there who also will take AppsGeyser for a spin?

From the developers:

“With AppsGeyser you can clip any web content or get any web widget and convert it to an app in 2 easy steps.  You don’t need to code, create and support apps for different platfroms. You get it in one box. When you change your web content – all your apps update instantly.

Content Clipping
Create apps from any web content you already have.

Social Sharing
Let your users share your apps on social networks.

Advanced Statistics
See in real-time how many of your apps have been downloaded, installed and uninstalled.

App Promotion
Submit your app to many galleries where people will find you.

Handy Notifications
Send pop-up notifications right to your apps.

Easy Monetization
Earn money. We pay you every time someone clicks ads in your apps.

Via [EuroDroid]