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Android Finally Tops iPhone in Total Users

January 6, 2011 | by Michael Heller

Android News


Numbers, numbers everywhere, and finally we have some that show Android has overtaken the iPhone in total US users as of November. RIM Blackberry is still clinging to the top spot with 33.5% of users, but that number marks a drop from August, when Blackberry held 37.6%. Apple’s iPhone held relatively steady up from 24.2% in August to 25% in November. Meanwhile, Android continued its huge growth climbing up from 19.6% in August to 26% in November, to claim #2 on the list from comScore.

Given the insane growth rate of Android, it seems inevitable that Blackberry will be losing its top spot sometime this year. It should be interesting to hear Steve Jobs start talking about iPod Touch and iPads in order to spin these most recent numbers.

The numbers also showed Samsung holding onto the top spot of the OEM rankings, gaining .9 percentage points, likely boosted by the popularity of the Galaxy S line. On the other hand, Motorola dropped 1.8 percentage points. I’m sure they’re banking on their newly announced phones to help bring them back up.