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ADWLauncher EX update brings custom docks and bug fixes

January 24, 2011 | by Lars Aronsson

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ADWLauncher EX dock backgrounds

ADWLauncher is generally considered to be one of the top two homescreen replacements for Android, along with LauncherPro. There are paid editions of both launchers: LauncherPro Plus, and a $3.15 version of ADW called ADWLauncher EX was recently released.

Even though I’ve purchased ADWLauncher EX, I’m still a LauncherPro Plus man myself, but EX keeps getting better. LauncherPro users have always been able to change the background of the dock, and now ADWLauncher EX fans can do the same. The new version of EX has 8 different dock backgrounds built-in, although we have the option to apply any image.

I haven’t tried this myself, but the thousands of LauncherPro dock backgrounds can likely be used with ADW as well. ADWLauncher EX is available in the Market for $3.15.

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Other changes in version 1.2.2 include:

  • Reorderable main menu can disable elements and reorder by drag and drop(ADWSettings/General behavior/System settings)
  • Added transparency support for the 4D drawer (yes, it’s choppier, I told you)
  • Support for custom images for dock and hidden dockbar
  • Added a small catalog of dock pictures
  • Option to change app drawer icons text color
  • Menu/Lock now locks app drawer too
  • Fixed old style previews when statusbar was hidden.
  • Fixed fancy backgrounds transparency issues
  • Fixes more “ForceCloses”

Via [Android Police]