4 Great Live Wallpapers with Typography clocks

January 25, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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There’s a growing trend among Android developers to place a clock in a live wallpaper rather than the more familiar homescreen widget. Actually, this trend is really just the work of mostly one developer releasing multiple twists on the same idea, but the results are no less interesting. Based on the comments I received in a recent video, I figured I might as well share how those results look on my phone.

Clock Art Live Wallpaper, Simply Clock Live Wallpaper, and Typography Wall are live wallpapers designed by Wolf Labs that show date, time, and battery indicators within the wallpaper rather than a widget that can be moved on the homescreen. While users sacrifice simple mobility by doing things this way, each app offers beautiful looks, simplicity, and the option to customize in the Edit Screen section.

WP Clock by Tom Bernard offers similar features. The Lite versions displays date and time in the top 4×2 section, allowing users to switch between white and black text depending on which wallpaper they choose. A $0.50 upgrade to the full version will unlock options for showing Day of the Week, animations, font color/opacity/position, and more language support.

The downside to using these clock wallpapers are that they are limited to Android 2.1 or higher and are not compatible with existing live wallpapers. And while I would love to see these options appear as widgets and provide more flexibility, the results are still great for use with static images. Here’s a look at images for each wallpaper. Download links are below the gallery.

Clock Art

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Simply Clock

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Typography Wall

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WP Clock Lite

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