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Yet another taste of Gingerbread: the Nexus S live wallpapers (root only)

December 15, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

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Nexus S live wallpapers

Even before the release of the Android 2.3 source code, we’ve seen a port of the Gingerbread keyboard materialize, then the launcher was extracted and uploaded to the Market, and this time we’re presented with the live wallpapers from the Nexus S.

The number of Android 2.3 ROMs will explode once Google releases the Gingerbread source, which should be just around the corner now, and until then we get to enjoy sneak previews like these live wallpapers.

You need root access and Root Explorer for this method to work. Step-by-step installation instructions:

1. Download the Nexus S LiveWallpaper.apk from XDA.
2. Copy the file to your SD card.
3. Open the file manager Root Explorer on your phone.
4. Make a backup of the file livewallpaper.apk in the system/app folder on your internal storage.
5. Copy the Nexus S livewallpaper.apk to system/app and overwrite the existing one.
6. Reboot your device.
7. Enjoy your new Gingerbread live wallpapers.

Via [XDA]