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Vote for Android Person of the Year [POLL]

December 27, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Who invented Android? Andy Rubin. Who made rooting to install custom ROM’s a no-brainer? Cyanogen. Who is Android Person of the Year? You tell us. recently profiled the 10 people who we think most-impacted Android in 2010. Each person highlighted in the series influenced Android or illustrated a trend in a major way. Some were obvious choices for nomination, some were villains who impacted in a negative way, and some weren’t worthy of nomination according to readers.

Now you have the chance to make your choice known. Below is a poll for who you think deserves to be crowned Android Person of the Year. Cast your vote and we’ll combine reader opinions with the staff picks to determine who we think deserves the crown. Here’s a quick rundown of the people nominated, along with links to each person’s profile.

This is not who is the “best” person. This is who is someone who made a major impact – positive or negative.

Rishi Chandra of Google was nominated because he represents the next major step in Android’s evolution: HD lifestyle. Google TV launched with a whimper but could be a big bang by next year.

Peter Chou of HTC was nominated because he leads the company that continues to release industry-leading devices. HTC started the superphone era early this year, and continues to push the boundaries.

Cyanogen of Team Douche was nominated because his team’s ROM’s and innovations made rooting hard to pass up. Whether you have a Nexus One or G1, there’s a good chance you’re running CyanogenMod.

Ralph de la Vega of AT&T was nominated because his decisions affect how Android performs on nation’s second biggest carrier. Friend or foe? Who knows, but the decision affects Android in a big way.

Mikael Hed of Rovio was nominated because his company produced Angry Birds, the year’s biggest game. The Finnish business exec. is directly involved in something that crosses millions of screens each day.

Sanjay Jha of Motorola was nominated because he led one of Android’s most prolific and controversial phone makers. Motorola has big sales and makes moves that affect a large group of people.

Omar Khan of Samsung was nominated because he helped the company bounce back and deliver its best year in Android yet. Samsung became the top Android seller in the U.S., thanks in part to Khan.

The MIUI Team were nominated for creating a new Android ROM that delivers the platform in a manner unlike any seen before it. A team of Chinese developers sparked quite a movement this year.

Andy Rubin was nominated because he runs the show at Google HQ as it pertains to Android. He started the whole thing and continues to steer the ship on a daily basis.

Rohan Shravan of Notion Ink was nominated because he showed how Android can make a small player get into the big game. But is the little start-up that could good enough to be called APOTY?

UPDATE: We added Verizon in a last-minute “Write-in” option. We couldn’t peg a single person from Verizon more deserving than the other so we just included the company name. For what it’s worth, nobody suggested them in the introductory post seeking feedback last week.

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