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Two new stylish widgets: Calendr and Minimalistic Text

December 15, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

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Minimalistic Text widget

We’ve seen a trend of minimalist clocks and widgets this fall, with Clockr and TypoClock leading the way. These widgets usually tell the time and date by spelling out numbers. For example, 11:05AM would result in elevenZEROfive in letters according to Clockr.

Two new minimalist widgets have appeared, both inspired by the style of Clockr: they’re called Calendr and Minimalistic Text. Both widgets are still in beta, but I haven’t encountered any issues yet.

Calendr will simply show your next upcoming event, and when you tap on the widget it will take you to the Android Calendr WidgetCalendar’s Agenda view.  The widget refreshes itself every 30 minutes, in order to keep memory and CPU usage to a minimum. Calendr can be downloaded from this thread at the XDA.

Minimalistic Text is a bit more versatile, since it can be configured to show the time, date and current battery status, as well as weather forecasts. The layout of the widget is highly customizable thanks to a built-in editor. The screen grabs below will give you an idea of what you can make it look like. Minimalistic Text is available in the Market, and the widget can be discussed at its XDA thread.

Minimalistic Text widgetMinimalistic Text widget