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Twidroyd announces a preview version of new customization tool, Twidroyd Factory

December 8, 2010 | by Chris Smith



There are a ton of good and not so good Twitter apps available on the Android market. When Twitter decided earlier this year to launch an “official” Twitter app for Android and other mobile platforms , some developers saw this as a sign to stay away from developing third-party apps for Twitter. So, what would any good developer/hacker do in the face of diversity? Make their app better than the official one.

That is what twidroyd (f.k.a. twidroid) has tried to do with the addition of a brand new feature announced today for their very popular Android app by allowing support for third-party theme development. Instead of allowing only savvy developers take advantage of developing themes, twidroyd has created a new tool that allows anyone with a Twitter account to create a custom theme. The Twidroyd Factory allows users to create themes with custom colors and images as well as share them with others through a browse feature. Once you have a theme created or chosen, you can then email, download it, or the geeky way; QR. We suggest the geeky way.

You can also share the theme with friends via Twitter.

This is a pretty awesome way to differentiate twidroyd in the market place and and make the app stand out amongst all the other Twitter clients that are available. If you want to see what this is all about, head on over to Twidroyd Factory and give the app customizer a test drive.

Via [twidroyd's Twitter feed]

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