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Touiteur Being Forced to Change Names. What’s your suggestion?

December 17, 2010 | by Michael Heller

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The popular (and my favorite) Android Twitter app Touiteur is being forced to change its name, because it could potentially be seen as a misspelling of the name Twitter. That seems a bit anti-French to me, but I guess we can’t really stop the process.

The good news is that the lovely developers over at LevelUp Studio are giving you the chance to help pick a new name for the app. My personal favorite is “Phoenix”, but it looks like it has pretty much no chance to win. The top vote-getters at the time of this posting are “Plume”, which means “feather” in French, and “CuiCui” (pronounced kooey-kooey), which is the current name for the in-app browser used by The App Formerly Known As Touiteur (also in the suggestions.)

Cast your vote over on the voting page!

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