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Sony Playstation Phone is the Xperia Play [RUMOR]

December 21, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone

The device that the tech community has taken to calling the “PlayStation Phone” may actually be called the Xperia Play. Pocketnow found a European Union trademark for a product named the Xperia Play, which could be the name of the secretive device. Sony has applied the “Xperia” brand to several of its phones, and there’s no better phone than one built for gaming to call the Xperia Play.

The name got a little extra credence when Xperia X10 Blog found that a PR firm in Stockholm, Sweden – the same home of Sony Ericsson – has registered several domain names based on the XperiaPlay name. This is likely a preemptive strike against fan sites taking up names related to the product.

Pocket-Lint then pushed the story along by saying that Sony will finally admit this phone exists next February at Mobile World Congress. That would be followed by official release in stores April 2011.