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Slidescreen 2.0 Beta Released

December 3, 2010 | by Michael Heller

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Larva Labs has posted Slidescreen 2.0 Beta on their website. The new version brings a number of changes including API support for plugins. The only plugin available right now is for Google Voice, unfortunately that plugin was pretty buggy and crashed continuously for me. Once the bugs are ironed out, plugins can be a very interesting addition to Slidescreen as long as developers support it.

Slidescreen 2.0 also changes the nature of the app, so you can choose to use it as a homescreen replacement, or as a standalone app where it’s more complimentary to your standard homescreen. Larva Labs understood that there were limitations to what their app could offer and has tried to make it easier to switch between Slidescreen and your homescreens, so you can get the best of both.

The app looks good, and it’s pretty intuitive to switch through the content you want access to, and it can give you access to a lot of different sources, including Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, calendar, SMS, calls, mail, weather and stocks. If you want to give Slidescreen 2.0 a try, just head over to Larva Labs.

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