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Sharp Galapagos tablet coming to US with 3G and EPUB support

December 30, 2010 | by Chris Smith



Sharp unveiled their Galapagos line of Android tablets several months ago and released them earlier this month in Japan. The tablets seemed promising and have been somewhat successful since then but there hasn’t been too much hub-bub about when the US would, if ever, get to see them.

It looks like today there is some indication that Sharp will be bringing the Galapagos tablet line to the US after a little bit of change on the specs. Sharp would add US 3G bands to the devices and also set them up to support EPUB format for books (an “almost universally compatible” eBook format). The devices would supposedly come in 5.5- and 10.8-inch versions, just like the ones that were released in Japan with support for Brazil, China, and India to follow the US launch.

It isn’t surprising that these tablets would eventually see the US as the Android tablet game is far from being played out. There is no one true “winner” in this space that is Android based. With CES fast approaching most manufacturers are rushing to get their idea of what an Android tablet / ereader should be.

Via [Engadget]