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Samsung Galaxy S gets quick Gingerbread port thanks to Nexus S

December 18, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

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Samsung Galaxy S gets quick Gingerbread port thanks to Nexus S

Now that Google has released the Android 2.3 source code, we’ll in all probability see the first proper and fully functional Gingerbread ROMs for a wide range of devices before long. Numerous developers have already locked their doors and are hard at work trying to get the latest Android release running.

A device that is very closely related to the Nexus S is of course the Galaxy S. This kinship has enabled the latter to enjoy the benefits of the former, since the Galaxy S has been blessed with one of the first Gingerbread ports. A creative user called supercurio at the xda-developers forum has managed to transfer the firmware for the praised Nexus S to the Galaxy S, without modifying it in the process.

Some vital functions are still missing, such as GPS, voice and Wi-Fi, but give the man and the rest of the devs at XDA a few more days and those issues should be sorted out. If you want to learn more about the ROM, visit the xda-developers. On a side note, I discovered a promising message on Cyanogen’s Twitter page. Looks like those rocking the G2 soon may get in on the Gingerbread action as well. Below is a video of Android 2.3 doing its business on the Galaxy S.

G2 Gingerbread

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